Technical Writing Certification

12 Years of training and certification continues with Williams Technical Certifications

Level 1 Certification lecture topics:
  • Audience analysis
  • Subject Matter Expert Interviews
  • Technical Writing Style, Editing, and Validation
  • Agile Development Processes and Tools
  • Structuring Information
  • Visualizing Information
  • Publishing and Maintaining Information
4 hour Level 1 Written Certification Exam
3 Required technical writing samples

Our online Level 1 Technical Writing Certification Course teaches you the principles and skills you need to improve your clarity and write expressive documents for your readers. This course is useful for people working as technical writers and for those who want to start. You only need your computer and webcam.

Principles of good technical writing are simple and let you organize information and instructions to help your readers achieve their goals. These principles are:

6 “W” Questions you answer for readers (Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?, and Weird?)
7 +/- 2 Steps readers follow
and Results readers achieve.

Our certification course helps you apply these principles to your writing. It includes skills development and practical information. It teaches technical writing style, communicating, interviewing experts, working with development teams, standards and practices of software and technical industries, and uses real-world writing and developing tools to give you hands-on experience.

Becoming certified usually takes two weeks to two months. We organize our course into online group lectures, workshops, and individual training sessions (all using live video calls). You write three sample technical documents during the course to improve your skills and build your portfolio. After you complete your four-hour certification exam, you are a certified Level 1 Technical Writer.

Contact us for more information and class schedules.