Mini-Maximal Valuable Products

This course provides you with the skills and foresight to lead your company in delivering value. Real world examples back up the effectiveness of the mini-max technique for strategic thinking about underlying motivations, capabilities, and potential when your organization is focused on priorities that matter. Participants can work with like-minded creators to build and continually improve products focused on delivering maximal value for minimal effort.


Fred Henry Williams is a military veteran, world traveler, and founder of Williams Technical. Mr Williams is the creator of AARTful user stories (2013), the Sabotage Workshop (2015), and the READ, RATT, AART requirements methodology (2015).

✔ Fred is a specialist in the implementation of Agile in large companies,
✔ He deals with three topics: collection of requirements, documentation and sabotage of projects,
✔ He worked in such European IT companies as Zoom Technical, IDC, Kit Digital, Sitronics Telecoms Solutions,
✔ For the last 16 years he has been conducting his own consulting practice of Technical Williams and training, teaching managers to properly maintain documentation and implement Agile.
✔ Advises companies in Germany, Sweden and Central Europe, Agile Coach; One of the best speaker ITEM 2017

❝ Fred has a very humane, no-bullshit and fun approach to training, and puts his clients and trainees in the driver’s seat.❞◄ Gael Fraiteur, Founder and President at PostSharp Technologies ►

What you will learn:

▪ The role of value in organization and purpose.
▪ Creating and using longitudinal tests to find value.
▪ Understanding comparative advantage for users, business, and buyers.
▪ Linking problems to environments, constraints, and actors.
▪ How using tests of value can find and reward stars.

Course Description

This course is a one day workshop. Materials, handouts, and light refreshments are included in the course price. You do not need to bring a laptop to this workshop. The course consists of presentations, discussions, and hands-on exercises.

☑ Participants receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

This course includes ARTTT, an evolutional methodology for defining Mini-Maximal Valuable Products (MMVPs).

Course Topics

● Motivating teams around creating value.
● Reading users, buyers, and business actors.
● Understanding the value matrix.
● Identifying valuable problems and environments.
● Prioritizing Mini-Maximal Valuable Products.
● Defining problems and tests clearly.
● Tracking and rewarding predictions of value.

After this master class, you will better understand your users and buyers, identifying the real-world problems they face. You can create practical tests of user, buyer, and business value so you can prioritize the problems worth solving.

After this master class, you will say “no” to the thousands of “good ideas”, with a clear, reasonable, metrics-based assessment of value, founded on clear user, buyer, and business expectations.

You are CEOs, CTOs, Senior Project Managers and Analysts who are responsible for directing the future of your companies. You will learn life-changing skills that transform how you view your process of creating value.